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Our Ramadan Initiative in Bangladesh for 2024

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Join hands with our community to provide 30 meals for 30 consecutive days to orphans in need living in Bangladesh for only 25 GBP. 

This project will focus on 30 young girls living in a madrassa without parents who can look after them (either have passed away, or inability to work due to disabilities etc). This initiative can accept fidiya, so if you have some amounts to pay, this is a worthwhile cause to give to.

To sponsor 1 day at the orphanage (30 meals) it costs 25 GBP (approx 115QR).  Sign-up and donate today.

Please also  join our whatsapp group below for updates.

Our program ensures hot food is going to people in need and directly to their homes.  Many friends have access issues, children, physically impaired family members, so going to a location to recieve food sometimes not an option.  We hope you can be part of this project as an individual sponsor, or as a team of friends/colleagues. 

Our pilot program spans across three countries this year – Qatar, the UK, and Bangladesh.  Please click on these links for further information on how you can help in another country.

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