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Our Initiatives

Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much

Food To Go

Project 30x30

Join hands with our community to provide 30 meals for 30 consecutive days to our friends in need, irrespective of their faith during Ramadan in Qatar, UK & Bangladesh

Donation Box

FAF Volunteers Group

Keep up to date with our latest volunteering opportunities here

Work Desk

FAF Jobs Group

Seeking a job? Or perhaps you have jobs available for our friends in need?

Join now


green fridge open with food inside.jpg

FAF Community Fridge

Donate surplus groceries or fresh produce to our community fridge to reduce food waste while providing nourishment to those in need.

Clothes for Charity

FAF Pay It Forward

Get rid of unwanted clutter from your home and give it to people in need.

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